Coping with a lack of space

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Online home

An online place can also been seen as an online home, since a sense of home does not have to be tied to a physical place. You could say that the rise of internet and social media has introduced an extra place which people can call home. This shows that a sense of home can be connected to multiple places.


Displacement and emplacement

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Displacement is the losing of your place, and often occurs when you switch homes. This can lead to a home being splintered between multiple places. Because connections are easier to maintain online, this has become more common since of the rise of internet and social media,

Emplacement is the opposite of displacement. Emplacement results in the re-discovering of a sense of belonging. It can be the creation of a place, or the re-discovering of an old place where a person feels at home.


Social media

Social media can be a good tool for place-making. Both individuals and organization benefit from this. An individual can create a place for him- or herself and try and gain some recognition for themselves as a valid and present person in a society. This is when a user expectedly turns to social media as a suitable tool. While this is a very individual way of creating online place, there are more sociable options. For example, someone might look for a sense of belonging in a virtual collective. Either way, social media can provide its users the chance to express themselves, and to take in their rightful place in (online) society.